Iconic works feature in Hexham exhibition

12 September 2018 2:20PM

AN exhibition which celebrates the work of the world-famous 20th century painter, sculptor and designer Henri Matisse is coming to Hexham.

Matisse: Drawing with Scissors, a Hayward Gallery Touring exhibition, will give visitors a chance to view 35 posthumous prints of the famous cut-outs he produced up until the last days of his life, including two of his most iconic works, The Snail and The Blue Nudes.

Matisse’s work is often distinguished by his use of Impressionist techniques and bold colours, which were often applied straight from the tube to create a textured effect.

This experimental style would later be branded as ‘Fauvism’, with Matisse at the forefront of the movement.

It was at the height of the Fauvism movement that Matisse painted one of his most famous works Luxe, Calme et Volupté (Luxury, Tranquillity and Delight), which visitors can view in the exhibition.

The lithographic reproductions featured are taken from the 1958 issue of Verve, a Parisian magazine published by fine art publisher Tériade, a close friend of Matisse. The edition was published four years after Matisse’s death and features the first lithographic plates prepared days before he died.

The exhibition runs at the Queen’s Hall in Hexham from Saturday, September 15 until Saturday, October 20.

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